This week, three car makers have announced championship title victories in the world of motor racing.

Most obvious, and prestigious, is Mercedes’ decisive winning of the Formula One Constructors’ Championship, something it has never done before despite its many successes in the 1950s F1 series, there being no Constructors’ prize back then.

Then there’s Citroën, which has won the World Touring Car Championship. This the first time it has taken to race tracks – its previous specialism was the World Rally Championship, in which it has repeatedly campaigned to great effect.

The WTCC races have taken run in places as far-flung as Morocco, China and Argentina as well as Europe, but with a Citroën we can’t buy here in the shape of the C-Elysee saloon.

Closer to home, tiny MG Motor has won the manufacturers' award in the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship with the MG6.

Great news for all these manufacturers, but I have a question for you, dear reader. Do you think these championship victories will have any bearing on your willingness to buy a car from one of these brands?

Or if not that, does it make you feel warmer towards them? Not that I’m against car brands campaigning on the track, but I’m just curious. Thoughts appreciated…