Don't you just love F1 testing? You have the team launches, the ramping up of expectations and then... well, almost nothing on the basis of today's activity at the Jerez circuit in southern Spain.

Several teams have unveiled their new cars, but few have actually taken to the track for any meaningful lappery yet.

If it's anti-climatic for fans – and hard work for the ever-innovative and informative folk covering it all live at Autosport – it at least gives an indication of the uphill struggle the teams are facing to get their cars ready for the start of the season.

They'll get there of course – they always do – but it's going to be especially painful with this year's new regulations.

The Mercedes team appears to be the most advanced so far, but even they have only experienced a handful of laps at a time. That's not because they have major problems, just that they are building up their knowledge — especially around the new engine and energy recovery systems — very slowly and very carefully.

Lewis Hamilton's accident, caused by a suspected front wing failure, set the team back slightly, although the Briton had set encouraging times before that.