Thursday, 17:00: Everyone gets a stint, with four refuelling stops between our five drivers. The track dries a little throughout, but we don't make much progress.

Our final placing is 27th which, out of 29, means I've had better races. Mind you, I've had worse ones too. And I've driven few better handling cars. I'd quite like another go now. Only next time with a ringer to take the start.

Mazda MX5 racer

Thurs, 14:40: So that's my stint over. I've had better, if I'm honest.

18th, got a bit bullied, took a knock on the left (nobody's fault)
which I think put the tracking out because it started to oversteer even
more than normal. Particularly out of right handers. And left handers.
And under braking and, er, acceleration. Put me out of sync a bit too,
in truth.