I was shocked and saddened to hear that my new best mate, Hans Stuck, was rushed to hospital on Saturday, having been complaining of headaches and dizziness at a VW event at his beloved Nurburgring.

It seems that the great man wasn’t quite as well as he thought after a hefty shunt in an R8 at the ‘Ring a few weeks back.

Watch Hans Stuck lap the Nurburgring with Steve as his passenger

Immediately afterwards he felt fine, apparently, but since then he’s not been so good. And on Saturday he was taken to hospital and had an operation to remove a blood clot that had formed in his brain.

He’s now out of intensive care and is "stable”, according to the doctors.

The very best wishes from all of us at Autocar, Hans. My life hasn’t been quite the same since you showed me the difference between the way “the boys and the girls” drive around the Nurburgring just a few short weeks ago.