It was the supremely logical deal all of us within the F1 community had confidently expected.

Fernando Alonso has signed a three year deal to drive for Ferrari, a contract which I’m fairly sure will eventually win the young Spaniard a third, if not a fourth, World Championship.

I’m sure this deal has, in principal, been in place for the best part of a year, perhaps even longer, and it is the most logical decision Ferrari has made in recent years in terms of driver talent, even if it has involved paying a healthy severance deal to Kimi Raikkonen for terminating his deal a year ahead of its expiry.

We saw how well Kimi can drive at Spa this year when he scored a brilliant victory in the Belgian Grand Prix, but the harsh fact of the matter is that he has been asleep for a large part of his time driving for the Prancing Horse.

He may have won the 2007 world championship, but his form since then has been largely erratic.  In fact, simply not good enough for a guy earning a reputed $30m a year.

Alonso, alongside Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, currently ranks amongst the top three contemporary F1 aces. His drive to third place in last Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix could not have been more timely, reminding us all just what a fine performer he can be and helping Renault to boost its credibility in the wake of the ‘Crashgate’ scandal.