Full marks to BRDC president Damon Hill, I reckon, for kicking the notion that Silverstone and Donington Park should share the hosting of the British Grand Prix on an alternating year basis, as suggested to the Independent on Sunday by Bernie Ecclestone.

“I am not in favour of rotating it [the BGP],” Damon was quoted as saying with admirable perspicacity. “I think it’s an insult. It’s another absurd step to try and squeeze as much profit and as much benefit for the commercial rights holder.”

He added rightly: “I’m in favour of the contract for the British Grand Prix being negotiated with Silverstone because I don’t believe the Donington project is viable.”

Well said, Damon. You seem to be the only person who seems to have remembered that the British GP switched exclusively to Silverstone in 1987 because it was not possible to make commercial sense of sharing it with Brands Hatch. Any more than the German GP makes sense being shared between Hockenheim and NurburgrIng.

It seems that too many people in the F1 business are suffering from short-term amnesia when it comes to the harsh commercial realities of the business. Happily Damon is not one of them.