When they told us the Japanese Grand Prix was going to move to Fuji Speedway, some wise souls in Japanese racing shook their heads and murmured two things.

First, the weather, which could be terrible at that time of the year. Second, the organisation at a redeveloped Fuji might well have a few teething problems. Wise indeed. 

Yours truly went along on the combined Honda/Toyota press tour. This in itself was a source of fascination. For 364 days of the year, Honda and Toyota are implacable foes, relentlessly thinking about ways to out-smart each other. But then, for this one day, their PR folk came together and an uneasy truce, punctuated by lots of nervous laughter, ensued. It was all so wonderfully surreal. 

From Tokyo, it was a local train ride, then a bus into the circuit. This went OK, but we could have done without the long miserable trek uphill from the bus car park, with thousands all forced to use this one same route. Oh yes, and did I mention the rain?

In many ways, Fuji is now impressively state-of-the-art, with Toyota having thrown in the thick end of £90 million to bring it all up to scratch. It's not quite there yet, though. For those of us sitting in the ring side seats (row six back from the track), well, we were invited to sit out in the driving rain, all race long. Which was nice.