It was only a small news story, so you might have missed it, but this week’s mag mentioned that the Race of Champions will not be held at Wembley this year, but at Beijing’s birds’ nest or breadbasket or whatever their arty stadium is called. Whatever, it’s a disaster.

It’s yet another rod out of the block for European motorsport, as another event moves away to where there’s money and friendly TV, but not a lot of spectators. This year I am going to the Belgian GP because I have never been before and am worried that it might be now or never.

Where is it going to end? There’s something called the American Le Mans series, which is a very good sports car championship, but I’m worried that it might give some entrepreneur in the Emirates the idea to build a village in the desert and call it Le Mans, then build a track and hold a 24 hour race there. People will say that it has the spirit of Le Mans but in better weather but Le Mans without a row with a Gendarme and chips with mayonnaise wouldn’t be the same.

Goodwood’s Festival and Revival are charming events but I don’t want future generations of petrolheads to think that Britain’s sole contribution to motorsport was the A-Series engine and tweed jackets.