I’m not sure how many of you Autocar readers/viewers/users are actually interested in F1, or whether you even bother to tune in to the BBC’s red button coverage of the three practice sessions before each race.

But if you’re remotely keen on the sport and have the time to watch it on the red button – you should – because it is often far more informative and/or entertaining than the commentary during the race itself.

And the coverage of practice for this weekend’s German GP at Hockenheim has been especially excellent because, out of nowhere, the team’s regular commentators – Anthony Davidson and David Croft – have been joined by “resting” HRT driver Karun Chandhok – who seems absolutely superb as a pundit.

So far Chandhok sounds like he has been in the commentators box for decades. He comes across as being comfortable, knowledgeable, smart and inherently interesting to listen to.

And he clearly gets on extremely well with his co-hosts. Even though he’s done just two sessions in the booth, you get the distinct impression that if it doesn’t turn out for Chandhok on the track, there is a very obvious career-in-waiting for him in broadcasting.