This morning I spent an enlightening and entertaining few minutes in the company of Simon Gillett, CEO of Donington Park circuit, which from next year takes the British Grand Prix from Silverstone.

There are still a few milestones before it happens though. And still a few doubters who aren't sure it’ll be completed in time or that the cash will materialise.

Gillett says he’s confident about securing the money and maintains “the circuit is safe” either way.

The next milestone after that is Formula One Management’s visit to the site in September. “We've got a plan that Bernie [Eccelstone] is aware of and he's approved the buildings,” says Gillett. “If he turns up in September and all we've done is dig a hole in the ground, he'll walk away and we'd expect him to.” Gillett also hopes that Donington’s will be the first 'public transport Grand Prix'. “Look at rugby, look at football,” he says. “Nobody [outside motorsport] allows 90,000 people to drive up to the door.”