Some more quick-fire notes from the McLaren F1 launch, this time about the team.

- After all the speculation, McLaren’s colour scheme is much the same as last year. Team boss Martin Whitmarsh trod a delicate path in all his mentions of Mercedes, and politely reminded everyone that the manufacturer’s withdrawal from the team is a gradual one. For now, then, the silver stays. “I’m sure Mercedes will want four of its cars at the front, even if we may differ on what order we’d like them to finish!” said Whitmarsh.

McLaren launches new F1 car

- Sadly, Merc couldn’t respond. Its motorsport boss Norbert Haug wasn’t at the launch, having contracted a “voice problem”. Read into that what you will.

- One thing Whitmarsh didn’t do, though, was mention Michael Schumacher by name, even though he made plenty of references to him. Wonder why?

- Perhaps inevitably, the car on stage isn’t the one that will hit the track in Valencia next week. In particular, the team admitted to disguising its new double diffuser, which it describes as “a very aggressive interpretation of the rules.”