On Saturday, Le Mans will roar (or rumble, in the case of the diesels) off once again, bringing with it plenty of drama and everything from excitement to heartbreak.

But while many of the fans and competitors will be fired up with adrenalin and living on their nerves, for the professional drivers it is slightly different according to Audi’s Allan McNish.

“Our job is to win; it’s what we get paid to do,” says McNish. “Anything less means we haven’t done our job, and even a victory, no matter how hard won, is really the culmination of us doing our jobs rather than anything more heroic.”

McNish concedes that winning Le Mans is slightly different to winning any other motor race he’s had the pleasure of triumphing in, simply because of the amount of work and preparation that goes into it. Even so, he says the joy of winning remains fleeting.