You can understand, perhaps, Fernando Alonso getting rather worked up to find his Ferrari pushed almost to the back of the field in Sunday’s European GP at Valencia after rival Lewis Hamilton survived a drive-through penalty without losing track position after the deployment of the safety car following Mark Webber’s huge accident.

Fernando got extremely stoked up about this matter, perhaps spending rather too much time unburdening his thoughts to the Ferrari team over the radio link to the pit wall, although by the end of the day team principal Stefano Domenicali was trying to play down talk that Maranello regarded the episode as a ‘scandal,’ a view initially aired on the Italian team’s website.

European GP report plus pics

Domenicali said his biggest disappointment was the delay it took to punish Hamilton for overtaking the safety car, which had allowed him to build up a tactical cushion over Kamui Kobayashi so that he could to take a drive-through penalty without losing a position.

"Of course we are very angry because we didn't get the points that we should have got from this race – considering our performance," said Domenicali.

"If I have an analysis of this weekend from a technical point of view then we made a step forward, not enough for sure to catch mainly the Red Bull, but it was in the right direction.

"We saw the first lap of the race that the situation was progressing in the right direction, so on that at least we did the right step. But if you look at the classification of tonight, we had less points than the most difficult race we had this year. So it is very frustrating.”

Of course, the emotional baggage which exists between Alonso and Hamilton, from their fractious 2007 season as McLaren team-mates, gave an added twist to the irritation felt by the Spanish driver on his home turf.