You take tyres pretty much take for granted at race meetings - unless you run a team, that is.

Ford's supplier Michelin took no fewer than 6000 rubber hoops to Le Mans this year - wets, dries and everything in between - to supply 33 of the 60 cars entered. And during a stable period in the race, around midnight, I went to visit their estate just outside the circuit, and to meet spokesman Steve Smith.

“We arrive with 6000 tyres and we leave with 6000," he said. "Until we've found 6000 we won't leave. It's because the whole reason we bother to race is so we can take innovations from the track to the road.

"WEC cars run 18-inch wheels," he said, "so they're highly relevant to road cars. It's also why we're not in Formula One. We could make tyres for their 13-inch wheels but we'd learn nothing."

As it is, a compound developed for Michelin's new Cross Climate road tyre was developed directly from racing.