When it comes to driving video games, isn't being fun more important than being realistic?

After all, video games are unique as form of entertainment. You pay a lot of money for them yet if you're rubbish and end up stuck on the first level, or get disqualified from a race, you'll never get anything approaching your money's worth.

Take the new F1 2015 game, the first such one I've played in a decade or so.

It looks very pretty, has replays that could well be mistaken for something on Sky at first glance and all the current drivers and teams are present and correct. All lovely stuff.

The blurb promise of which the game's maker seems most proud, however, is the claim that F1 2015 has the most realistic handling characteristics yet seen in an F1 game - so real, in fact, that you can get a taster of what it actually feels like to drive an F1 car.