Who do you think represents you as a driver? You know, sticks up for your interests and says how unfair government, local councils and barmy pressure groups are being.

In my opinion, these days organisations such as the AA and RAC seem to be there to flog you holidays and insurance as well as towing you home. I know that they have hived off the militant, complaining wing to a foundation, but really it isn’t militant enough. Foundations are a bit too polite.

I do like the Association of British Drivers, which doesn’t just rant at all the wrongs motorists have to endure, like I would. The ABD actually uses reasoned arguments with footnotes and an impressive amount of detail to back up its arguments.

I even like the logo, which looks like one designed in 1972 for a firm of jobbing tarmacadam merchants. Trouble is, they don’t seem to get on the media very much, especially the BBC, which doesn’t seem to like cars very much, but that’s another issue.