You've read all the latest motoring magazines. You've watched the most recent TV shows. And that part for your project car you've been waiting for still hasn't arrived.

So why not take the time to indulge your automotive passion with some of the best car films around? From modern films to classics, from suspense to all-out action – there's usually something that'll fit the bill for all.

Below is a list of my top ten favourite car films, those that I'd happily watch again on a rainy day. It might be because of the cars featured, the story or just the fact that they're thoroughly enjoyable mindless entertainment.

Like many personal lists it's somewhat subject to change depending on what's going on that month – so a glimpse of a Ford Falcon might reinstate Mad Max on the list, or a run-in with a classic Mini would make me find room for The Italian Job.

Nevertheless, the films below are always highly ranked. Have a look through the list and add your own top ten, recommendations or comments at the bottom.

Seen something really obscure? Even better. Mention it in the comments below and we'll work to compile a list of the most obscure car films out there.

10) Two-Lane Blacktop (1971)

"You'd have yourself a real street sweeper here if you put a little work into it."

9) Duel (1971)

"You can't beat me on the grade. You can't beat me on the grade!"

8) Gone in 60 seconds (1974)

"I should have read my horoscope this morning."

7) The Gumball Rally (1976)

"They must be doing 180. We don't even have a fixed wing that'll go that fast!"