If you think the British newspapers are given to getting worked up about things, just wait until the Olympic Games get underway.

Over the last few days, Transport for London has been gently trying to suggest that driving anywhere near the centre of London will not be a good idea. Best avoid the area, if you don’t mind, old chap.

In truth, the centre of the capital will be at a standstill, with the effective closure of Hyde Park Corner the lynchpin of the chaos to come. As the Olympic Route Network map issued by TFL shows, all the main roads into the west of the capital will also be under special measures. The Blackwall Tunnel is also part of the ORN, so don’t bother trying to conduct business in the East End, either.

But what will have the press and public seething is the adoption of ‘Zil lanes’ (nicknamed after the limo used by the party bosses in the Soviet Union). These are about to be marked out in the capital by hundreds of road workers and are designed to ensure that Olympic officials and ‘games family’ can be whizzed around the capital without ever seeing a jam.