How many of us actually enjoy driving anymore? The impending Olympics have already cast an air of doom over my commute as the roads continue to explode into a labyrinth of traffic cones, three-way temporary traffic lights and burly blokes leaning against heavy machinery.

We know that stop-start progress isn’t good for our cars, but it shocked me just how detrimental it is to our sanity, too.

According to a survey of 2000 motorists carried out by Continental Tyres, 40 per cent of us feel angry, while 28 per cent are ‘shaken’ when behind the wheel.

More shocking still, 15 per cent of us are also getting out of our cars to hammer home our displeasure to a fellow motorist. No wonder then, that half of those questioned said that they no longer relish getting into the hot seat.

But let’s not write off driving just yet. Faced with a smooth stretch of twisty tarmac (okay, forget smooth in the UK), there’s no better way to iron out the stresses of the weekly commute. There's something very cathartic about exploring an engine's rev range, scrubbing a car's tyres and sliding seamlessly through the cogs of a gearbox.

On the flip side, however, I do wonder how many of us take the time to go for a proper drive once in a while?