Six grand doesn't buy you much, when it comes to Porsches, these days. Sure, there are myriad 924s and 944s available for that money but you're into classic territory there and – truth be told – their performance may leave you disappointed.

It's not much fun, after all, potentially being blown away by anything vaguely resembling a modern hatchback. The 928? Well, it's got a V8 – so there's a plus point – but it's a big GT and most at that price point will be requiring a little TLC. They'll most likely be automatics, too, so not exactly a car you might want to take for a fling around some Highland roads as a result.

While we're at it, let's just skip over the countless sub-£6k Cayennes. Besides being more likely to cause you more financial problems than the Greek government, a cheap Cayenne is about as desirable and as desperate-looking as a gaudy faux Rolex.

So that leaves us with the oft-spurned Boxster. Hold your horses, this is a real Porsche. It's got six cylinders, pancaked and slung low out the back, the rear wheels are driven, and the Boxster as a whole is a remarkably sweet car – and you can get a smart example of the first generation, the 986, for around £6000 these days.

Buying a Boxster of this era is not a risk-free proposition, however. These things are not a paragon of reliability, despite the badge, with a list of common and financially crippling flaws a mile long: busted roof mechanisms, damaged radiators, heavy clutches indicating impending failure, oil leaks from the rear main seals, and more.