The sensational thing about this weather, until it started raining, is the wonderful classic cars it brings out.

Over the past two weekends, I have been on epically long journeys within the UK that you won’t be reading about. Airports, weddings, A1, M25, M6, the whole lot. But a good few hundred miles of boring Tarmac has been relieved by the welcome sight of some rare and classic things.

I’ve seen Austin Sevens on the M25, WW2 Jeeps and GMC Trucks on the M11 and a reassuringly ratty Capri 3.0 on the A1, among so much other classically inclined stuff.

Indeed, you really should make the case to your better half that it would make the high days and holidays so much more interesting behind the windscreen of something old and characterful. I’ve also got the clincher, and potential relationship/marriage saver: “It’s an investment darling…”

Now, this may well be a made-up stat, but according to an Instagram image of an article I saw on Twitter (yes, I am down with the hip social media kids), classic cars have risen in value by 395 per cent.

Yes, really. It was in an airport departure lounge magazine, apparently, but I’ll go with it. Coins were next at 248 per cent, then stamps at 216 per cent, followed by art at 199 per cent, which is all very traditional.

Other items on the up are wine at 166 per cent and Chinese ceramics at 85 per cent, then every mechanical nerd’s favourite, watches, at 76 per cent. Finally, the very boring FTSE 100 went up by 54 per cent. 

Of course, not every classic car is going to appreciate by a gazillion per cent (a mint 1964 Vauxhall Victor may struggle in this respect), but I think that generally this stat is correct, if rather over optimistic. Just like most classic car buyers, in fact.

So I just wondered what classic you would identify as an ‘investment’. Ideally it should be a motor you like, and of course you can attribute whatever spurious percentage of increase you like to make yourself and your other half feel better.

Personally, I’m going for an Autobianchi Primula, which will undoubtedly appreciate by at least 20,000 per cent over the next few weeks.