Another day, another round in the VW vs Suzuki battle that is gripping the local media during the Tokyo motor show. Read the first instalment here.

Officially, neither side will comment while there are court arbitration proceedings ongoing in London.

However, such is the weight of feeling, and questions, new snippets are slipping out and, you suspect, some off-the-record briefings being administered.

The Japanese media have been stoked up by reports that VW boss Martin Winterkorn has suggested he will bide his time on the matter, ready to try to negotiate with the "next management" of Suzuki.

That's a none too veiled reference to the fact that Suzuki's chairman, Osamu Suzuki, is now 81 and has been urged for years to retire and enjoy his fortunes. He is, however, wildly popular with his workforce, and has vowed to "die in battle" rather than quit.