Favourite car at Detroit?

I reckon I'll give it to the pretty little Toyota FT-CH hybrid, the one that threatens to turn the Prius from a single model into a range.

Toyota reveals sport FT-CH hybrid

Toyota's top US saleman even reckons Prius could become America's top-selling nameplate, replacing Camry.

I've always had this theory that the Prius, as we know it, is a proper enthusiast's car, not the characterless creation it is sometimes deemed to be. Its styling gets progressively more interesting and it is just about the best flag carrier for modern technology you could imagine, especially as it has the lowest warranty claims for any Toyota - and they're all very low.

The new model adds small car style, cuteness, panache and probably agility to existing Prius virtues, confounding, I believe, those who insist Toyota makes boring cars.

This one is certainly part of the new wave.