Mercedes went to town last night on the eve of the Detroit motor show.

Fitting out a floor of the Westin Hotel, they built a stage set and 360-degree wrap-around video screens.

At various points of the evening we had a local classic orchestra, the static exhibition of a replica 1886 Benzwagen (the 1bhp engine was spun into life by a Mercedes engineer and the machine tillered off behind the stage screens – an amazing site) and a song from ‘Grammy award-winning’ Colbie Caillat.

The wrap around video treatment was clever showing the true 360degree internal view from inside all kinds of Mercedes cars being driven in different places around the globe.

And all this for the…C-class facelift. Well, as smart as the new C undoubtedly is (Merc claimed that if most manufacturers changed 2000 parts in a car they’d call it ‘all new’) the presentations by three board members were more about the state of the mighty Benz powerhouse.

Global sales in 2010 rose 15 per cent and global sales of the (handsomely profitable) C-Class range actually went up 11 per cent last year, making it the market leader in its segment. Since the current model was launched in March 2007, around one million units have been sold.