I’ve just been to the Volkswagen stand to see the new Scirocco in the flesh and, to my surprise, found I rather liked it. So surprised, in fact, that I had to go back five minutes later and check again. And I still like it. 

Like most bods in the Autocar office and most other industry types I’ve spoken to about it, that’s more than I’d have thought last week. I thought VW had ruined the IROC concept and turned it into the dullest coupe of the year.

But in the metal, and in a rather better colour than white-on-white-background of the first studio shots, it looks rakish, nicely proportioned, even mildly aggressive.

The interior can seat four, though you wouldn’t want to spend too long in the back, while it’s a pretty uninteresting cabin design. But you can’t have everything I suppose, and after being so impressed with its outside, it’d be churlish to criticise.