Good to hear that Nissan is adopting a BMW M-style approach in giving its in-house tuner and race team Nismo a much greater role in developing road cars.

The pre-Tokyo motor show announcement of Nismo's increased involvement in Nissan models, starting with the Nissan Juke, was made on the same day that Nissan renewed its commitment to developing and selling more EVs and hybrids.

A trend developing across the increasingly eco-minded industry is that there will still very much be a place for more focused performance models in the future alongside an ever-expanding line-up of EVs and hybrids.

BMW's M division has expanded like never before recently with versions of the X5 and X6, Audi's RS offshoot has done RS3 and RS5 models for the first time in the past 12 months and Mercedes' AMG department will soon be able to offer you everything from a hot version of the upcoming A-class to the old-school G-wagon off-roader.

All these models are (or will be) produced alongside the fuel-sippers of tomorrow, proving there's plenty of life in the go-faster internal combustion engine models yet.

For real inspiration for how to make Nismo a focal point at the performance end of the brand, Nissan need look no further than the Renaultsport models produced by its sister brand, Renault.

The successful Renaultsport formula is built on taking fairly ordinary underpinnings and creating simple, approachable hot hatches that handle like a dream and, crucially, don't cost the earth.