Geneva is easily my favourite motor show. And this is the best Geneva show that I’ve been to in years.

Virtually every car maker you can think of has had one, or more, major launch or show car. And plenty of car makers you can’t think of have interesting new things on display too.

As my feet are now well and truly worn down and my notebook is full, I thought I may attempt to nominate some stars of the show.

The Audi A1’s in contention. It’s not hugely exciting but you can bet your boots that it will become one of the most desirable cars of 2011 and it’s always exciting when a major manufacturer moves into a new area of the market.

I rather liked the Seat IBE, too. The Spanish maker has been in the doldrums for too long and it’s been eons since it had something really exciting to look at.

This is is terrific looking baby coupe with a really clean and sophisticated looks. The fact that’s its an EV may be a red herring but Seat is keen to take a lead with that technology, too.

Personally I hope that Seat makes something very much like it with a small, petrol turbo engine.

My two favourites though came from two other German makers. The Porsche 918 concept is just terrific. It’s been three hacks deep all around it all day and I’m not surprised. It looks brilliant and has what looks like a new approach to supercars. I can’t wait to see one on the road or track.

Best of all though is the Mercedes F800. Nominally this showcases propulsion technology and the future design cues which all Mercs will follow. But you can expect a ‘baby CLS’ to also appear on the market before too long, based on the next generation B-class. Can’t wait.

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