Aesthetic no2 is the gallery-esque name of this creation on the Mercedes stand. It's actually a 150 per cent scale model showing how Mercedes' future interiors will be heavily influenced by 'natural and organic' forms.

Interiors chief Hartmut Sinkwitz says that the first production expression of this move will be in the next gen S-class."With the sculpture, we took away the concerns of prodution practicalities and used the pure creative process," Sinkwitz said.

He continued: "The sculpture is inspired by the calla flower, and its surfaces flow from concave to convex. We'll show these high-flow organic treatments on the next S-class - simple, beautiful and harmonious design contrasts."

Sinkwitz also said that aviation design was being studied by his team. "Soft organic forms were first around in the early 1990s, but this theme is coming back in a much more sophisticated form," he added.

Another sculpture titled Aesthetic no3 will be shown 'shortly' as Mercedes tries to become known as 'a design orientated company'.