So Lotus's big Paris bang has finally gone off. Its five-strong model family is officially laid bare for all to see. Now the scrutiny begins.

The press conference itself was Paris's busiest by some distance. I arrived 10 minutes early but still couldn't get near the front of the stand. But I was close enough to see   all I needed to.

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The cars, I liked – for the most part. I'm pretty sure the idea of a V8-engined 'gentleman's GT' with a heavy metal folding roof – the Elite – would make Chapman's blood boil, but I liked the look of the important ones: Elise, Elan and Esprit. They've even left room undeneath the new Elise for a £20k, lightweight, four-cylinder model. A proper Lotus, you might say.

What I didn't like - nobody I've spoken to did, in fact - was the parade of so-called celebrities that Lotus rolled out to take the covers off their vital new models. These cars are supposed to be the future for a sports car maker loved by proper car enthusiasts the world over.

And yet one of them was brought into the world by Brian May and Naomi Campbell. Let's hope that was because Mario Andretti was too busy back-combing his 'fro to make it.

And I have to say, I didn't like CEO Dany Bahar's tone when he talked about taking Lotus into the future, beyond Colin Chapman's vision of a company devoted to performance through lightweight engineering.

It was as if he was wiping away that incredible legacy: saying "thanks for all the hard work, Col, but we don't need you anymore."

Lotus has a bold new future now, after all. It involves slick computer graphics, Hollywood advocates like Stephen Baldwin and Mickey Rourke, and motor industry legends on the payroll: the evergreen Bob Lutz, no less - wearing a Hummer T-shirt (d'oh!).

All I can say is this: the cars had better be good.