I don't know about you, but I think the Lamborghini Urus 4x4 looks good. Seriously good.

Sure, I wouldn't want to rock up to my (imaginary) mega-rich friends' place in the country having told them I own a Lambo, only for it to be a 4x4, but I'm guessing anyone who buys one of these will already have a garage full of suitably ball-busting machinery that they can show off.

It's as a second, third, fourth or 32nd car that the Uris starts to make sense. After all, it's that kind of thinking that shifts Range Rovers.

Rumour has it out here in Beijing, on the eve of what is now the world's largest motor show in terms of space filled and machinery on show, if not quite importance, that Lamborghini was initially meant to show its 4x4 in Geneva back in March, but VW Group bosses voted instead to let Bentley go first with its Falcon reveal. Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann, so the story goes, was hopping mad at being 'demoted' behind Bentley when the decision was made. Today, he won't be drawn on the subject, naturally, but I'd bet he's secretly jumping with joy in hindsight.

The two cars are now out in the open, the slate is clean and judging by our forum users and hack reaction, there's only one winner. Or at least there will be when they go on sale in 2015/16, as surely not everyone is going to stick with their tried and tested Range Rovers.