I’ve been lucky enough to come to the LA motor show about five or six times now. And on all of my previous visits I’ve left feeling a bit shortchanged.

Not this time though as there’s been enough new models and enough car company execs in circulation to keep yours truly happy.

The real stars of the show were the same stars we highlighted in Paris. The stunning Jaguar C-X75 supercar concept, Range Rover Evoque and quintet of new Lotuses all drew the biggest crowds.  Saab’s 9-4X was interesting but with a petrol engine at launch, it’s a car for America and looked like it too. So did the Camaro Convertible  - though I’d be queuing round the block to drive one up the Pacific Highway this afternoon. Ditto the amazing looking Cayman R.

My star of the show though was the Subaru Impreza concept. Finally, Fuji Heavy Industries looks like its giving us a car which has been designed to compete with Europe’s best. Most observers reckoned that it was an homage to Mazda, Ford, Audi and even Holden styling. But the point is that it doesn’t look like weird old Subaru anymore, inside and out. And if the company can sell as many cars on looks as it does on all-wheel drive chassis technology and functionality then it will have overcome a very big hurdle.  What’s more, the next Impreza is likely to herald a whole new family of Subarus, including a supermini. Let’s hope it also heralds a new generation of interesting Subarus again. It’s been mediocre for far too long now.