Having spent the last couple of days with Honda I am properly looking forward to seeing the new concepts tomorrow. The Japanese maker is so earnest about its desire to make cars that are fun as well as eco-conscious, and that's something that I can only applaud. Plus, the early sketches of the small EV sports car concept hints at great things for the company's design future as well.

Truth be told I've always had a thing for Japanese sports cars. I owned a Toyota Celica GT-Four ST185 a few years back and I now own a Mk3 MR2, and I've always felt that the withdrawal of Honda and Toyota from the sports car scene was a mistake on their part.

Maybe I'm just a little bitter that such gargantuan makers thought little enough of the enthusiast scene to pretty much forsake it altogether in Europe, but also think it benefits such influential brands to show that they can make properly relevant and exciting cars.

Being in Tokyo just as the Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ are shaking up the Japanese performance scene again, as well as being right in the midst of it all as Honda unveils the first solid proof that it, too, is back into making thrilling and desirable driver's cars is an experience I won't forget soon. And the Tokyo motor show hasn't even started yet.