Goodwood is full of quirky ‘it could only happen here’ experiences. And sometimes it’s the stuff off the beaten track that’s the most interesting, such as a bizarre experience I’ve just had.

Hidden outside the back of the press room among Goodwood’s hidden outbuildings for the past couple of days has been a small gazebo that its branding claims to hold the futuristic GM EN-V two-seater pods.

Given its lonely, not for public viewing location, I thought the gazebo had been ditched there as the EN-Vs were out of action. But I was wrong.

Walking out the back a few minutes ago, I was treated to an impromptu demonstration of one of the pods in action. It turned 180 degrees within its own body length and nipped off in various directions within the tight confines.

Even as a lover of all things loud and outlandish, the EN-V’s style, poise and grace was probably the most memorable thing I’ve seen at Goodwood so far.

And then it headed up between the outbuildings to a marshaled gate, behind which is a public area of the Festival of Speed, which was swiftly opened and it was gone. No doubt the public are being equally charmed by it now.