Arriving in Detroit a day earlier than usual for the annual auto show was a pleasant blessing in disguise.

Because for the first time in about 15 visits to the show, I was able to set aside a whole Sunday afternoon for a relaxed tour of the Henry Ford, one of the best car, aviation and industrial culture museums in the world.

The Henry Ford is an Autocar favourite and since I last visited a couple of years ago, the layout has been improved, more cars are on display and the aircraft section has been extended.

There are plenty of gems in the collection. The sole surviving Buckminster Fuller-designed Dymaxion house is a fabulous insight into US industrial optimism. The circular dwelling is made of aircraft-grade alloy and features fixed Perspex windows. Ventilation comes through movable panels in the wall. And why not? Designed to be factory built and assembled on site, sadly the Dymaxion’s promise was never fulfilled.