So Ford is doing an estate version of the ST – a 2.0-litre, 247bhp turbocharged hot wagon.

As the covers came off the car at the Frankfurt show this week, I sat there admiring the extravagant lighting display and wondering what the point of a hot estate was.

I mean, somehow this seemed a touch disappointing given that a small part of me was still hoping for a dramatically desirable three-door version to make up for the wholly underwhelming (to my eyes, at least) looks of the five-door hatch.

In reality, the estate makes a lot of sense. Going by the number of five-door STs I’ve seen tearing around with ‘baby on board’ signs hanging in the rear window just above a Nürburgring sticker, there is much call for this sort of performance without a practicality compromise.

In which case, paying an extra £1000 for a bigger boot will be a justifiable price for many. And I reckon the estate looks better than the hatch anyway, so it’s win-win. I just hope they can make it drive with a little more of the old-school Ford flair, because without it, it’s just a flipping expensive Focus regardless of body shape.

In other Dagenham-based news, is anyone else sceptical about whether a 100bhp three-cylinder petrol engine (in the shape of Ford's new Ecoboost one-litre unit) can actually deliver decent real-world economy in a car the size of a Focus?

I hope to be proved wrong, but my hopes are not high.