Picking a star from this year’s Detroit show is quite a tricky business - and not because of the overwhelming number of great production cars and concepts to choose from. While all-new and exciting cares were there, they weren't in abundance.

My top three were the new Ford Focus - for all the obvious reasons. Some thought the styling too fussy. But I liked it a lot and it certainly makes the current car seem frumpy. Can’t wait to drive it either.

Detroit motor show: Ford Focus

I also like the Toyota FT-CH concept. It's essentially a shorter Prius aimed at a younger audience. We’ve been hearing rumours that a Prius coupe is being planned by Toyota and if it looks anything like this then it will be a knockout success, I’d say. It will be something you'd buy whether it’s hybrid or not, and a serious rival for the forthcoming Honda CR-Z, also shown in production form here for the first time.