I was just getting used to the idea of Fiat 500s and Ferraris nestling next to the Dodges and Chryslers when I realised that the rumours were true.

Chrysler are showing a rebadged Lancia Delta at today’s Detroit show.

Worse that that it was being shown underneath a huge video screen bearing the legend: It’s time to reignite the American Dream.

I’ll leave you to make your own mind up about whether an Italian import really fulfills that objective  - but is this really the way for Chrysler to bounce back?

The Lancia Delta hasn’t been a runaway success in the market that it was designed for so you’d have to question whether the US buyers will take to it either. Or if it can be made and sold at a price that appeals to money conscious American buyers.

Chrysler should obviously use Fiat technology but it should use its own designs and keep its own identity. Let’s just hope that this show car was just Fiat getting us used to the idea of the two companies joining forces - not a serious stab at the next new Chrysler.

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