One of my favourite cars at the LA motor show is the Cadillac ULC - Urban Luxury Concept. A 3.8-metre front drive four-seater that’s been designed to show how Caddy’s virtues can be condensed down.

It’s a smart, striking car and one that could potentially refresh our opinions of the brand, especially in Europe. It’s designed with young working professionals in mind and designed to maximise space in a small package without giving up creature comforts. The ULC was designed in Caddy’s Hollywood studio, but the unexpected twist is that the man leading the team is Brit Niki Smart. Better known to you and me and the man who designed the Ariel Atom.

The Caddy is his new baby though and he intelligently talked me through the rationale behind the car, although admitted that it was going to be hard for traditional Cadillac buyers and even some management in Detroit to get their heads around it.