A quick sprint up the hill at Goodwood is never enough to give you more than a sample of what a car might be capable of, but even so my brief encounter with the new 513bhp C63 DR520 was one to remember.

You can find out more about the DR520 by reading the news story, but basically it’s an even more lairy version of the 6.2-litre V8 C63 AMG.

Now, the C63 needs more horses like Tiger Woods needs more bed buddies, and yet I couldn’t help but look at the matt-black estate doing the rounds at Goodwood and think that it was one of those cars that you just want in an entirely irrational way.

It doesn’t matter that, even over my short drive it was evident that the suspension wasn’t so much firm as non-existent, because it is clearly a car that you buy because it is utterly bonkers. Comfort and practicality don’t matter as long as it makes you feel like a rebel everywhere you go.

The DR520 is a joyful and unashamed demonstration of just how brilliantly power-crazed Mercedes can be, and why not? It’s not subtle and it’s not perfect, but it is a lot of fun.