Believe it or not, there is a motor show going on today that isn’t in North America. The rather less busy European motor show in Brussels opened today to a quite understandable lack of interest from the media.

The premieres are still going on in Detroit, and yet the only thing going on in Brussels is the first public reveal of the Aygo/C1/107 triplets. Excuse us if we don’t hold the front page.

Despite this, the European motor show is not a waste of time at all. Of the estimated 800,000 people who will visit the show, up to 30 per cent of the car buying public  will actually buy a car based on what they see and experience here, so it’s well worth the manufacturers time and effort.

One of the highlights for me was the Citroen DS5, which I haven’t yet had time to experience first hand. Its interior feels properly interesting and plush, with all sorts of quirky features that really make it feel high-end. Rear space seems a little limited for a car this size, but the boot is big and for people out there who want a driver-focused big tourer, the DS5 has appeal, though initial drive impressions suggest that things could be better in terms of its dynamics.

In truth, what really stood out for me was the Dacia Duster Pikes Peak. Yes, that’s right, the Dacia Duster ‘No Limits’ uses the 3.8-litre V6 GT-R engine tuned to a quite ridiculous 838bhp, with power sent through a specially developed six-speed sequential ‘box. It was designed to take part in the unlimited class in the Pikes Peak 2011, where it got a podium finish but had its 10min 17sec time overshadowed by the Suzuki SX4 that broke the track’s 10min record with a 9min 51sec.

I want one. Though the wing might be a little over the top.