On yesterday morning’s flight to Geneva, I read a very timely – and very interesting – interview with new Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer in the Financial Times.

Palmer, previously a global-level big cheese at Nissan, is outlining his plan to re-boot Aston’s product line up, significantly boost sales and, most significantly, appeal to female buyers.

He told the FT that pure sportscars could not be the ‘be all and end all’ of the Aston Martin brand. In future, Palmer sees big luxury saloons similar to the new Lagonda Taraf and another type of vehicle that will appeal to younger buyers and women.

The only hint Palmer gave about this third-strand of the future model line up was that the car was likely to have a higher driving position, though it would definitely not be a conventional SUV. Autocar dug out a little more about that car this morning.

According to the FT, this future version of Aston would shift around 4000 pure sports cars, 4000 limos (many of which would be sold in exclusivity-conscious China) and 4000 of the female-friendly model.

That would decisively shift Aston into profit and start to address the issue of the company’s significant debts, which are thought to be over £420m.