Yes, short of a pregnant Kate Middleton appearing in Geneva, that undulation under the Bertone concept drape will be as contentious as bumps get this spring.

It’s got two small peaks at the top, a nose at the front and it runs back around 8cm before disappearing into the bonnet lines. That poised big cat is, of course, a jaguar.

And this concept, made in liaison with Jaguar, hence the badge, is a vision of how the XJ might have looked if it had a major update rather than a revolutionary ground-up rethink.

When it was revealed on our site a few days ago, opinion was divided. But there was no doubt that a significant minority of people believed that this is what the XJ should have been. I’ll bet that debate won’t die down much during the next two weeks.

For a company that only has a really strong brand presence in the UK, USA and China, and struggles to make its mark across mainland Europe, that can only be a good thing.