We've written a lot about the revival of Honda in recent years, without seeing any solid evidence of it resulting in better products. 

In truth, expecting the revolution led by President Takanobu Ito to have born fruit before now was unrealistic, but such are the expectations set by bold pronouncements about developing a new Honda NSX, record-breaking Honda Civic Type-R and suchlike.

At today's Tokyo motor show I detected another shift in expectation, however. Huge crowds gathered to hear Ito's address, and there was palpable excitement as he spoke, flanked by prototypes if the cars he has long promised to deliver.

There is a long way to go still, of course, but when insiders talk about the spirit of Sochihiro Honda being revived in the company, you have to sit-up and take notice. That he is now on the cusp of delivering on his promises adds further excitement.

The days of brittle ride Honda Jazzes and numb steering Honda Civics may not be over, but I suspect I'm not alone in sensing a spirit rising within Honda that will allow car enthusiasts to embrace the firm again without fear of being accused of living in the past.

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