The new Nissan Micra - revealed at the Paris motor show today - must stand as one of the most substantial reinventions of a car in recent times.

It is unrecognisable from its admittedly wholly unremarkable predecessor and a step-change from what has gone before for this once practical, once cute and seemingly once completely lost model. If nothing else, it proves that having no respect for what has gone before can be a good thing.

Intriguingly, Nissan has draped its stand in Micras of all kinds of colours and customisation options. The appearance of the latter is sometimes a warning sign that the design itself isn't quite up to scratch, but here the unadorned models allay all concerns. This is a car with an underlying design pizzazz that rivals the likes of the Ford Fiesta.

That rings true inside, too, where the budget fixtures and fittings of the outgoing model appear banished from the moment you step in. Of course, we have high-spec models to pore over here in Paris, but in terms of content, quality and desirability the Micra appears to be top notch. It's practical for the class, too, with the rear cabin and boot space looking to meet Nissan's bold claims for their competitiveness on size.