Painted an enticing matt satin blue and wearing a wing worthy of a light aircraft’s tailplane, the BRZ coupe-based STI Performance Concept is a hint at what’s coming from Fuji Heavy Industries’ Subaru Technical International performance division, whose activities the company has decided to ramp up.

That will mean more STI-flavoured models, more performance parts and more motorsport, although not a return to the World Rally championship, the emphasis being placed on US championships. 

The BRZ flaunts upgraded suspension, some aero tweaks more subtle than that big wing and some neat Italian coachbuilder-style flush door handles – all the kind of accessories and performance parts that STI wants to push. There’s also a 300-330bhp race version of the boxer engine under the bonnet, which sounds like just what the BRZ needs.

Trouble is, explains a Subaru spokesman, there are no plans to introduce this hot BRZ, nor even a more potent boxer motor. Why? Because it will require a beefier gearbox and diff to go with it. The hope is that enough enthusiasts will ask for this and get the Subaru bosses to change their mind. So we’ll start by asking here and now, then – this would be a great way to rejuvenate the STI division. Wouldn’t it?