Now the Volkswagen Beetle Dune wouldn’t be my cup of tea at the best of times, but the timing of the launch at the Los Angeles motor show is worthy of an eyebrow raise or two.

This is probably the least serious of all models in the VW line-up, and it comes at a time when it really needs its serious hat on following the dieselgate scandal.

Indeed, the LA motor show is the first time the international press pack has descended on a North American motor show en masse since the scandal broke, and therefore VW’s first chance to address and mingle with the wider media as it learns how to say sorry in 100 different languages.

Of course, business must go on as usual to an extent, and the car’s launch was likely planned months before the scandal broke, but might it have been a better idea to delay it a bit, and perhaps show off a plug-in hybrid or electric car or two instead to demonstrate VW’s pledge to lead in the technology in the future post-scandal?

And that’s before we get into a debate on the looks of the Beetle Dune… Whatever, VW’s press conference at the show is sure to be box office, it’s just the support act is going to be far more interesting than the main event itself.