Feeling a bit apprehensive right now, sitting in the bus on the way to the start of the Geneva motor show.

The famous lake is still in semi-darkness, and bleary hacks are still recovering from their news chasing, fine dining or thrashings of the keyboard of the previous evening.

It's not apprehension about the event itself. That is usually characterised by optimism: all the manufacturers are on neutral ground in Geneva and this is an optimistic time of the year - no year-end performance figures to worry about.

There's always extra interest in the changes to the show's layout, too. Some manufacturers haven't made it (Mini) but others have decided that relocating into more prominent spaces (Lotus, Tata) is the way to success.

Still, the root of your apprehension is in the huge progress the motor industry always displays at this show. There's so much to take in, so many people to talk to, so much ground to cover.

Luckily the concern doesn't last long. Soon the game begins - at a level that makes contemplation impossible - and you get swept up by the sheer fascination of an industry that only knows how to go forward even in bad times (and these are far from bad times).

Once it begins, you know this preview day will disappear in far less time than a day usually occupies. Bring it on!