Aren’t the CLS and AMG’s GT 4-door Coupé in exactly the same market space? Apparently not, says Mercedes.

Last year, not long after the launch of the new CLS, AMG boss Tobias Moers told Autocar he didn’t “see the risk” of sales’ cannibalisation between the two. He said the two cars would have very different customers: “The AMG will be conquest, whereas the CLS is for a very loyal customer. The CLS is a little bit more conservative whereas the GT takes another step.”

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The CLS won’t be offered above an AMG-badged 53 denomination. Previously, there was a CLS 63. That gives a little more space between the two, which is obviously strategic. Still, you can’t help having a nagging feeling that the new AMG four-door helps justify a much larger price on a not so different car. 

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