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It’s now five years since McLaren Automotive sold its first 12C supercar — a very short time on most motor industry calendars — but McLaren is this week launching the first comprehensive rethink of its core model. And that’s interesting as much for what it doesn’t change as for what it does.

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Hearteningly, the concept is unaltered. The 720S proves how good the original decisions were and how much development there is in the mid-engined, two-seater, carbonfibre-tubbed concept. The tub has become Monocage II (which now displays such strength and versatility that it now has A-pillars whose thinness shames many superminis).

And McLaren’s CEO — and consummate leader — Mike Flewitt has already signalled that the act of moving chassis manufacture from Austria back to a new, higher-tech plant in the UK, provides opportunities for future weight reduction when the company moves — as it will — to electric propulsion.

Porsche and 70-year-old Ferrari used to be seen as the monolithic companies that would lead the supercar world to new performance-building trends and processes. Three or four years ago we marvelled at what McLaren had achieved, but it was really a case of an ant biting the ankle of a giant. Now life is changing. Dare I say it, but the P1 technology demonstrator was a better effort than the LaFerrari equivalent. I’m starting to look to McLaren for global leadership in this complex field. In just five years, what an achievement.

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