They say the Aston Martin DB11, revealed at the Geneva motor show, is the most “dynamically gifted” DB yet.

We've now driven the 2016 Aston Martin DB11. Read the review here.

What does that mean? My guess is that Aston Martin’s management would like the DB11 to be the first Aston GT car in a while that combines first-class handling with a first-class ride quality.

Personally, I still very much like the way an Aston Martin DB9 goes down the road but some customers - and some of Aston’s engineers - thought the ride could be overly firm at times. That the development team now includes several former Lotus dynamics engineers should cure that.

Lotus is famed for making cars that ride properly and that expertise landing at Gaydon will likely do the Aston’s chassis compliance no harm at all.

And the handling? Well, a long wheelbase, a large-capacity V12 and a front-engined, rear-drive layout should continue to take care of that.